Hello! I am TeJay the Mad and I write this comic.

Let me lead by saying that I am very open to questions and conversation. You have only to drop me an email at tejaythemad@gmail.com or leave a comment!

The idea to write and draw a comic is one I have kicked around for a few years now, but usually shelved it because of the time commitment involved. Each of my pages takes around 10 hours to complete, though as I go I find myself becoming more streamline.

I have a full time job that I enjoy, and this project is done in my spare time. Other hobbies I have include:

Zoos and aquarium visits
Debating minutiae of movies, games, series, and stories
Netflix binging

And many others. If there is a creative pursuit out there, chances are I have either tried it, or it is on the to-do list.

Thanks for reading!