Note: Artwork for each character will be uploaded to this page as I evolve in my art style. I shall put up what I deem the best picture for each character. It won’t be odd for their pictures to change weekly, or perhaps stay the same for months. I am a fickle and capricious creator.

-TeJay the Mad

Kasura “Kas” Serras

Cast 200 portrait


Possessing a sharp tongue and sharper wit, Kas often finds herself in sticky situations. She is lifelong friends with Lyri. Kas has the confidence that Lyri usually lacks.


Lyrica “Lyri” Jennings

lyri portrait 200

Lyri is superstitious and cunning. She is loyal to her best friend, Kas, and usually the voice of reason, or at least caution. She is educated in history and lore. Also, don’t call her Lyrica.



rook portrait

It’s hard to say exactly what Rook is, let alone what he wants. Not hostile, that the others can discern, he is still not decidedly friendly.