I wonder what trouble that mark will be. We’ll see sooooooon!


Hi guys! I am still kicking around, I promise. I keep getting views on this comic, and it is very humbling. This time, the majority come in through the US and Canada. A few from the UK and Germany, too.


I’ve been participating on #webcomicchat on twitter, and it always gives me some fantastic new resources. I was having a hard time getting the will to go backgrounds, and that was slowing me up by quite a bit. Someone suggested a freeware program called Sketchup to help with that, and wow! It is amazing. All I have to do is some basic 3D modeling, then export a jpeg of whatever view I want, and then it’s there!


I love it. It also works quite well on my poor, aging computer.


Let me know what you think! I’m happy for the relief and the ability to concentrate on the characters more, now.